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Tibetan morning exercise/Тибетская утренняя гимнастика

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This hormonal morning exercise is done for life long health and beauty. Better do it before 7 a.m. your local time without getting up from bed.
0. Warm your hands
1. Eyes pumping 15-30 times. Gently push your closed eyelids with your palms then keep them closed for 15-30 more counts.
2. Ears pumping 15-30 times. Same as eyes pumping.
3. Face lifting. Put your big fingers behind your ears and massage your face from chin to cheekbones 15-30 times.
4. Forehead massage. Put your right hand on your left one and warm up your for head massaging it from side to side 15-30 times.
5/6. Aura pumping. Make a circle from your arms, left hand on your right one and pump your aura back and forth and the from side to side 15-30 times.
7. Thyroid gland pumping. Put your right hand on your gland and pump it with your left hand from the gland to the centre of your belly 15-30 times. Then put both hands on the gland and count 15-30 times more warming it up.
8. Stomach warming. For better digestion. Put your right hand under your left one and make 15-30 circles around your belly button. Then put both hands onto the belly button and warm it for 15-30 more counts.
9. Hands and feet circles 15-30 times both ways.
10. Hands and feet shimmies 15-30 times.
11. Sit down on your bed, warm your feet and then massage them for 30 seconds each.
Now you are ready for a new day

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